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Below are some recent actual testimonials from past members of PoliceQuiz.  These testimonials have not been doctored, or edited in any way.  Want to add yours? click here.

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"If you are planning to start a police career, you should pay this site a visit. PoliceQuiz helps you prepare the your law enforcement entrance exam, as well as the psychological and oral interviews."


PoliceQuiz Member Testimonials

"This site really gets you ready for your test. Thank you for taking the time to put this web site together for us. I PASSED!!!"

Alexandria, VA

"I just what like to say thanks for your help on this site I passed my written exam for the Philadelphia police officer exam with a score of 81.36 this site does works and help"

Michael M.
Philadelphia, PA

"I PASSED, I PASSED!!!! Your site is the best. The techniques explained were very helpful. It looks like I will fulfill my lifelong dream of being a law enforcement officer. Thank You Very Much!!!!!"

San Diego, CA

"After using your study guide, and following all interview guidelines, I start the academy this August. This program is a perfect tool for anyone going through the the hiring process for Law Enforcement. I will definitely recommend it.."

New Orleans, LA

"Thanks for such a broad selection of testing materials. This site was definitely a big help in aiding me to pass the written exam. I anticipate using the rest of the imperative resources as I continue to advance in my Law Enforcement Career. Once again, Thanks."

Jayella J.
Indianapolis, IN

"Just letting you know I just took my test after looking over your site and studying, and almost everything on your site was on there yesterday. This is an awesome study guide. "

New Braunfels, TX

"I would just like to thank you for a great web site that really helped me get the job. The study material was fantastic and really prepared me for the test. I landed number 3 on the list but was the first to be hired onto the department. I can't thank you enough for the great material.  Thank You"

Gunner F.
Walla Walla, WA

"I just wanted to thank PoliceQuiz because I passed my test today. Their was about 40 people taking the test and 8 passed. PoliceQuiz really helped and I'm glad I used the website."

Sean M.
San Bernardino, CA

"I believe studying on your site helped me score higher on my second pass at the written.  I am now on the employment list at around #7.  They will be sending 5-10 to the Jan 07 Academy.  I am waiting for the background check now.  Thanks BT"

Brian T.
Merced, CA

"Thanks for the help, the test was easy and now I am headed to the academy."

Jake H.
California Highway Patrol, CA

"I just want to thank you for such outstanding preparation for my police exam. I scored an 85% and passed! really works. Thank you very much for all of your help."

Ruben V.
Philadelphia, PA

"Took the Easton, PA test, had to pass the physical before taking the written. I got a 92 on the cognitive. this program helped a lot."

Easton, PA

"After taking the test 2 weeks ago the results finally came in the mail today. In order to pass you had to get at least get a 58%, what did I get...... I got a 92.25%. So I passed. Thanks for all who helped."

Joliet, IL

"14th out of 150. Just wanted to say thank you, scored in top 10% for my PA test. Going for NJDOP LEE today.. hope I do as well. Thanks again"

Brian M.
Pennsylvania & NJDOP LEE

"Hey guys I just passed my state police exam for CT and my score was 71 out of 84 questions correct. This place is  awesome and helped me a lot."

Connecticut State Police

"I just wanted to send a sincere Thank You for your help. The program helped me so much! I finally passed my exam, it took me a couple of tries and your program helped me understand the format of the exam. I'm not a great test taker, but I was able to overcome that flaw."

Monica A.
Honolulu, HI

"Thank you for the study guide I scored an 81/100.  I found a lot of the same types of questions on the test that were in the study guide."

Joshua S.
West Carollton, OH

"I was selected to class 82 with the Long Beach, CA PD. helped me in many ways especially the polygraph, I didn't lie I just understood the test better. It started with a application period of 2500 applicants and was down to the final selection of 70 recruits. ( I think 70, I'm unsure of the final number). Wow, I am very excited."

Jason W.
Long Beach, CA

"I would like to start by thanking for such a wonderful and helpful program.  I passed my written police exam with an 84%.  Now I am preparing for my interview and want to comment on how great the Supplemental Areas section and Frequently Asked Questions sections are.  Thank you again for your assistance on this journey."

Jessica E.
Wyoming, OH

"Well.... Now I guess I need to pass the physical test because I PASSED MY WRITTEN EXAM!!!! It really was not as hard as I thought... This site really helped me ... Thanks Guys..."

Newport News, VA

"Took the Phoenix written on 3-17, and I passed with a 77%! Took the physical Saturday and passed that too! The stuff on this website really helped, thanks a lot!"

Phoenix, AZ

"I would like to say thank you to this program. I passed the highway patrol test and am waiting for Nashville PD to come out with their test results. Some of the Highway Patrol Test mirrored the PoliceQuiz program. Again thank you for this program and the test. I will let you know if I pass the Nashville PD test."

John G.
Nashville, TN

"I wasn't sure if this was going to help me or not because I am a really anxious test taker. Well long story short, I passed my POST exam with 88% my first try! works!  If you have doubts don't, give it a try!  Thanks so much to the great men and women who started this site, you are a Godsend."

C Mathis
Omaha, Nebraska

"I took the Lexington Police dept. NPOST Exam passed with 92% thanks for your help PoliceQuiz."

Lexington, Kentucky

"Well I took the written test & physical on Jan 28th passed. Then the oral board test on the 29th and was not sure how I did but got a letter in the mail dated Feb 1st stating that I passed all aspects of the tests. But if you read all the things on here I think it helps with your mindset and will help you out..."

Ocean City, MD

"I just took the City of Phoenix POST test, and I scored an 83.33%. You only need 70% to move onto the PT test."

Phoenix, AZ

"I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic thing you have going on with this web site!  I took the test for a government agency after reading all of your prep. advice and completing each quiz and practice test.  My total score was a 97 percent, and they offered me a position if I can pass some other stipulations.  I just wanted to thank you for all the help and advice, it really works.  Thanks again."

Tom M.
Secret Service, Washington, D.C.

"I am pleased to say that I passed with a score in the upper 90% due to your helps on this site. The competition was tough and because of my score I earned the privilege of moving to the next step in the interview process.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to helping new recruits. I appreciate your site and it has really helped me to do the best possible.

As far as the test, nothing can compensate for hard work, but the spelling sections and test tips helped me the most.

The section about determining the right answer by observing the choices and choosing the answer that combines vital info that all the answers contain was invaluable to me and probably assisted me in more than 60% of this tests questions.

For the spelling section, at least 10 words out of the hundred listed on your site was at one time or another directly or indirectly related to a test question. Thank you again! "

Bernard H.
Honolulu County, HI

"Thank you guys. I applied for a reserve Officers position and because of your web site I have currently been given a conditional offer of employment for a full time Officers position pending my psych eval and physical. Thank you."

Travis, L.
Lebanon, Oregon

"I passed the Tyler PD test with a 93. I didn't do as well as I wanted, but am okay with that.  The tests were more difficult than the actual test..."

Tyler, TX

"I got an 84% on the RPAT in British Columbia!!! was a huge help.  Thanks."

British Columbia, Canada

"I would like to thank you all who thought of this site. I had great success with my testing. though not with the P.D. I wanted , but I did get on to the Sheriffs department here as a D.O. for the time being. I followed the tips and techs for the tests you suggested and low and behold I passed. now it is on to the academy starting in January. thank you once again for helping my family and I achieve my dreams."

Prescott Valley, AZ

"I just took the entry level police officer exam for upstate New York.  The info on this site helped  prepare me for the test. Not sure of my score yet but will inform you when i know.  Thank you for the help!! "

Albany, NY

"Passed the LAPD written with a 85% on the first shot...Thanks for the help... "

Los Angeles Police Department

"Scored 89.287% on the Denver, Colorado video test and passed the first 3 basic skills test to get to it, this site helped get me ready since all the tests were a computer.  Waiting for the oral board next month. "

Update: "I got hired on the Denver Police Dept. I enter the academy Jan. 17, 2006. Thanks to the practice tests and other info in this site."

James R.
Denver, Colorado

"I just tested for the sheriffs department in Sonomish, WA. Your practice tests was right on!! ... Thank you for your help. "

Joe R.
Sonomish County, WA

"I took Houston PD civil service exam, I got 97.... I am waiting for first interview and physical exam......Thanks to all"

Houston, TX

"The quizes and info on this site helped me on the Post Test for the Department I tested for in Texas. I passed."

State of Texas

"I would like to thank for all of their information and helping me prepare for my interviews, poly, oral boards and tests. All of the phases that I went through for the WVSP testing was related to the information that I found in this web site. I would recommend this for anyone wishing to prepare for police testing. I am in my last and final stage. It is up to the cadet selection board whether I make the grade."

West Virginia State Police Candidate

"Just passed the El Cajon police written and physical abilities test. Thanks, on my way to the oral board this Thursday."

Sergio G.

"Took my test with a municipality in Texas and scored an 89, which was the highest score. I felt very well prepared by studying with PoliceQuiz."

Jason S.
State of Texas

"I can't tell you what was on the Trooper test since I had to sign a paper that I would not do so.  This web site does a good job priming your way of thinking. Good luck who ever is taking a cop test."

Tony H.
Pennsylvania State Police

"Passed the Test 80%.  Thanks for your help."

LA County Sheriff's Department

"After only being a member for a week and using the study material I got an 86% on the NPOST Test. Before this the best I was able to get was in the 70%. Thanks...."

Update: This Member was Hired! Congratulations!

Amity, Oregon

"I just received my test scores for the CJ-BAT... I got a 95%.  Just wanted to say thanks."

Miami-Dade, Florida

"I recently took my written test and I received my test results today.  I am proud to say that I passed the written test and will be taking the physical ability/agility test. Thanks for all the help."

Kenny M.
Hoover, Alabama

"I passed.  I'm taking the psychological exam next week.  Your guys are great.  Thank you."

Hartford, CT

"Thank you sooooooo much.  Received my score today.  I passed.  It doesn't give me a score just says that I passed."

New York City, NY

"There was some new stuff on the exam this year, but for the most part your study guide helped out.  I know I did well, and will be coming back to review.  I'll let you know how I did. Oh, and the words you have listed really helped.  They used quite a few of them on the exam."

Kevin M.
Honolulu, HI

"I thought that I'd get a higher score, but I'm still glad I passed. A lot of the information on here really helped."

Aaron T.
Gwinnett County Sheriff's Dept., GA